Order status list

Status list

payin_pendingWaiting for payment
auth_successPayment received
processing_payoutPayout in progress
pendingPending. More information can be found in the substatus.
expiredOrder session expired
refundedOrder successful refunded
finishedOrder successful finished
canceledOrder canceled
confirmation_pendingConfirmation pending

Status: Error

if status = error and payin_group = card you can find the reason why the transaction was declined in an Order data API call in the response field error_message or in a callback response in the field error_message.

Status: Canceled

if status = canceled you can find the reason why the order was declined here.

Substatus list

email_pendingEmail confirmation pending
verify_pendingVerification pending
identity_pendingIdentity verification pending
card_pendingCard verification pending
card_manual_pendingManual card verification pending
proof_pendingProof of income verification pending
address_pendingAddress verification pending
video_pendingVideo interview pending
partner_approve_pendingPartner approve pending Only for direct partners.
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